Welcome to the Crépuscule Orange Gallery


This Nos objets d'antan (Yesteryear Objects) site represents a collection of interesting antiques objects such as paintings, autographs, etc.

The site structure derives from a private Intranet site named Nos produits d'antan and representing a database of annotated advertisements for consumer goods published in Belgian and French magazines.


Such a static site generation is based on an in-house application written in FutureBasic II from Staz Software which automatically converts FileMaker Pro  tabulated outputs into stand-alone framed sites. The navigation is ensured by some JavaScript functions disseminated among the HTML pages structure.

Interactivity, i.e. database remote searching and management has been integrated thanks to Lasso 3.5 from Blue World. and provided from this page:


Our aim is to disseminate, share and show specific or difficult of access objects or information as well as to promote unknown artists.

We apologize for missing or incomplete data that may appear in the Crépuscule Orange Gallery. We will make every effort to correct erroneous and remove conflictual and/or private information.

Thanks for visiting us. Our antiques shop is located in B-1000 BRUSSELS, rue Blaes, 150 - close to the Brussels Vieux-Marché (Old Market).

Created: May 18, 2000
e-mail address: alain@concertation.be